Acoustic Demo

by Naevus



In February 2000, in the midst of recording the second Naevus album 'Soil', the disk drive of our recording machine died. It was sent away for repair, but in the meantime we needed to produce a demo for the purposes of getting an acoustic gig (which never materialised) at a an event in South London. So, we recorded rudimentary versions of four songs on a broken Fostex 4-track cassette recorder. These recordings ended up being sent out on cassettes to several promoters. They're very rough versions but, since a few copies are already in circulation, they are presented here in a remastered state as a download-only EP.



released February 7, 2000

Words and music by Lloyd James.
Voice, acoustic guitar, keyboard: Lloyd James.
Bass: Joanne Owen.
Recorded on a broken 4-track in February 2000.

Cover drawing by Lloyd James, 1993.



all rights reserved


Naevus London, UK

Lloyd James: voice, acoustic guitar.
Ben McLees: bass, electric guitar.
Hunter Barr: drums, keyboards.
Sam Astley: electric guitar.

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Track Name: Desert
Does it look like a man?
Does it look like a woman, or a dog, or a cow, or a mouse?
You don’t deserve this
You don’t deserve anything at all

Does it smell like a fish in the dead of the night?
Will it look at me sideways with a grin?
You don’t deserve this
You don’t deserve anything at all
Track Name: Oracle, Oracle
Oracle, let the chicken live
If he may leave his short career
If he will not interfere
Oracle, let the chicken live
If this world is a patient place
If he will owe you not for this grace
Oracle, let the chicken live

Oracle, let the chicken live
If his weight will not be too much
If his pain will not be seen as such
Oracle, let the chicken live
If this world will not resent
If there is nothing he must represent
Oracle, let the chicken live

Oracle, let the chicken live
If this world is worth more than he
If to kill him leaves him to me
Oracle, let the chicken live
Track Name: Compliments Slip
An apparition at the bus stop
Chased by unreal appeals
To vanity, not flattery
But pure, corrupted vanity

If there is no second
Then there will always be a third
Unreal spectre, so freshly cold
After wishes and pleas

Compliments slip too easy
From the lazy tongue of love
And they choke in the throat
Of everything higher or lower

What’s the use in a costume?
Well, it gives you a hat to doff
If nothing else
Track Name: Frozen!
I was born
In a leper colony
Fumbled out under the hill
But benches were the birthplace
Of all that carried me
And they need persuasion still

Gone with dumb escape
Reaping curious flesh
I touch what once was mine
Sheer and shining sheen
Of drips – how frozen!
Constrict for the last time

What has been
Denied to me this night?
Probably my own energy
Because I have tried
So many times to fight
My senses will not obey me

Consciousness is wrong
And sleep my enemy
Both tempt me to release
If you have teeth then you
Had better show them now
And end my disbelief

Puff-puff go the bricks and mortar
Fumes, they lure me
With every fresh collapse
Get it done, get it done!
Hinder, hinder, hinder!
Twisted, tangled, perhaps