by Naevus



Limited edition 7" vinyl EP. 4iB 7"/0814/012


released October 22, 2014

Recorded by Lloyd James at Wooden Lung, Ben McLees at Disconnected Studio and Hunter Barr at Retina 2 in 2014. Voice and noise in 'Up a Hill' recorded by Lloyd James at Wooden Lung in 2011. All instrumentation in 'Ego' recorded by Ben McLees at Disconnected Studio in 2013. Mixed by Ben McLees at Disconnected Studio. Cover painting by Lloyd James. All material (c) 2014.



all rights reserved


Naevus London, UK

Lloyd James: voice, acoustic guitar.
Ben McLees: bass, electric guitar.
Hunter Barr: drums, keyboards.
Sam Astley: electric guitar.

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Track Name: Up a Hill
Up a hill six years ago a one-eyed Scot imagined a civil game that pretended to an intuitive understanding and an instant and appreciative friendship. He dressed it in irony to cover his tracks, then moved on. The game is over now and the players have long since departed but the hillside remains; an incidental mist has descended over it and the grass is wet to the touch. In the back of a car, I pass it.
Track Name: Aria/Acqua
Hello, meek mortal
I've come to unblock your portal
Meat from my finger
Rising through the mire
Try to pick a way through
All those things that you used to do
Try to greet an unwholesome night
As though it were some form of respite

I'm changing
I was always there

Say what's plain sailing
And waive what's remaining
I don't know anyone
On the telephone anymore
Thirsty and moreish
A soft, systemic breeze
Did it cut you deep?
Or did it leave you free?

I'm changing
I was always there

Close your head
To the living and the dead
Wash your exoskeleton
And watch my exultation
Something to see your clothes through
Or something that you used to do
Remain apart
In your cloistered heart
Pull back the sheet

I'm changing
I was always there
I was always changing
I was always there
Track Name: Listing Insticts
Lost and riven
Blistered upon
Gut-swell meds
Displaced and hovered
A borrowed moral
Mottled and bold
Blind knuckles
Done with beating the ground

Listing Instincts
Suppress both house and tree
Limpets on limpets
Thirty years of fish
And through
Gout-bound teaching
When the dead are at war with the living
It's so easy to rot

The streets are lined with demons
Seething through cloud
Definitions of bliss
Or this; this
Track Name: Ego
You saw
You saw me leaving
And now
And now you’re weeping

You said
You said you were sick
I said
I said, ‘That’s good’

Sometimes I miss you
When I
When I don’t need to

Ego no
Ego no